The Victoria’s Secret World Tour

We’re proud to pioneer a global fashion event, film, and celebration that leads audiences through the behind-the-scenes artistic process and personal narratives of the VS20, a group of innovative creatives from around the world who represent four fashion curations from the vibrant cities of Bogotá, Lagos, London, and Tokyo. With the creative freedom to conceptualize, produce, and stage a collection that is all their own, the dynamic artistic forces from the fashion, film, design, music, and visual fields will converge to showcase their work that centers on the appreciation and beauty of womanhood.

Meet the VS20

The House of Tokyo

Jenny Fax: Fashion Designer
Umi Ishihara: Filmmaker
Kaito Itsuki: Painter
Aoi Yamada: Body Artist
Kom-I: Artist


The House of Lagos

Bubu Ogisi: Fashion Designer
Korty: Filmmaker
Eloghosa Osunde: Artist
Ashley Okoli: Artist
Wavy The Creator: Multifaceted Creative


The House of Bogotá

Melissa Valdes: Fashion Designer
Cristina Sánchez Salamanca: Filmmaker
Lorena Torres: Painter
Piscis: Dancer & Choreographer
Goyo: Musician


The House of London

Supriya Lele: Creative Director & Designer
Margot Bowman: Filmmaker
Ebun Sodipo: Artist & Writer
Michaela Stark: Lingerie Designer & Artist
Phoebe Collings: Artist